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Telehealth has served as a catalyst for change across the healthcare industry, including pharmacy providers. By improving access to quality care and streamlining provider operations, telemedicine transforms how Americans prioritize their health and wellness.

Finding the right telemedicine platform for pharmacists and pharmacy groups considering offering telehealth services is key. Essential features include impeccable security, easy functionality, and efficiency - all of which you can expect from UVO Health.

We've created an innovative telehealth platform for medical pharmacy groups and other healthcare providers, incorporating both the vital necessities and an array of additional, highly beneficial features. Ultimately, our mission is to provide a telehealth platform that serves patients and providers equally well by delivering a versatile, exceptionally accessible solution that addresses a diverse range of needs.

The Efficacy of Telehealth for Pharmacies

Are you weighing your options for a telemedicine app for pharmacy groups? Naturally, you'll want to be confident that it is possible to preserve your effectiveness even when venturing into a new, tech-driven means of delivering care.

According to a study from the NIH's National Center for Biotechnology, telehealth pharmacy solutions - typically referred to as "telepharmacy" - aren't just comparable to traditional care; telemedicine apps can actually be even more effective. For example, telepharmacy demonstrated:

  • A reduced rate of dispensing errors

  • An increase in the number and type (variety) of pharmacist interventions

  • An increase in the time pharmacists were able to save, thus allowing providers more time to focus on quality-improvement initiatives 

How Telemedicine Can Empower Your Pharmacy Group

Using UVO Health's telehealth solutions, your pharmacy group can provide a broad range of services to patients, including:

  • Medication therapy management (MTM)

  • Pharmacogenomics

  • Chronic disease/chronic care management (CCM), such as self-management training for patients with diabetes

  • Medication dispensing, order entry, and verification

  • Transitions of care

  • Ambulatory care

  • Real-time patient consultations using telehealth video/audio

  • Streamlining billing practices

The versatility of a telemedicine app for pharmacists is a major plus. But beyond that, there are many other benefits for providers as well. Keep in mind that the usefulness of a platform largely depends on the app you select - so be sure to choose wisely.

For example, when your pharmacy group partners with UVO Health, you can look forward to:

  • The ability to expand your client base without burdening your schedule: Being able to serve more patients allows you to boost revenue and helps you expand your reach as an effective provider. Using telehealth, you can provide excellent care to more patients without sacrificing your own schedule.

  • The freedom to practice from virtually anywhere: In some cases, providers that use UVO Health opt to transition to a 100% remote practice. As long as all regulatory and licensure expectations are met, you may be able to enjoy a new level of flexibility in how and where you practice.

  • A HIPAA-compliant platform that prioritizes security: Your pharmacy group can't risk the ethical and legal implications of a breach of patient information, and using a telehealth platform that is HIPAA-compliant is a must. UVO Health is fully compliant with all HIPAA regulations, as well as all other federal laws, so you - and your patients - can have peace of mind.

Benefiting Patients with a Telehealth Platform for Pharmacy Groups

The advantages for providers are clear, but patients also reap the benefits of a highly effective telemedicine solution. Every pharmacist, physician, and specialist wants to ensure that each patient has access to proper care and treatment, and telehealth makes that more possible than ever before.

For patients, having the option to access pharmacy services via telemedicine provides perks such as:

  • Convenience: Far too many individuals struggle to find the time to prioritize their health, whether they're limited due to a busy schedule, geographical location, or other factors. But because a telehealth pharmacy can be accessed anywhere, anytime, it creates more opportunities for people to get the healthcare they need.

  • Access for individuals with health issues and/or disabilities: For some patients, a trip to their neighborhood pharmacy may be out of the question due to health complications or disabilities. However, a telemedicine app for pharmacies eliminates roadblocks and reduces the stress associated with medication management.

Make a Smooth Transition Into the Future of Pharmaceutical Care

Choosing a telehealth partner means trusting a company with your time, energy, and even your reputation - so why settle for anything less than the very best? UVO Health is an industry leader, providing an advanced telehealth solution with cutting-edge features that will propel your pharmacy group to a new level of success. With our telehealth app for pharmacy groups, you can offer the highest quality of care to your patients, all while enhancing your operations and growing your revenue.

For more information about UVO Health and how pharmacy groups can benefit from telehealth, contact us today.

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