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UVO Health features

Branded Experience

Answer a few quick questions and we’ll build you your own custom patient portal.


Simple Scheduling

Availability blocks make it easy for you to coordinate visits.


Payment Collection

Our optional payment collection allows you to easily get paid for your visit time.

Pricing options


  • not included in IndividualSystem Integrations
  • not included in IndividualMulti-Party Visits
  • not included in IndividualInstant, App-less Visits
  • not included in IndividualCustom Marketing
  • not included in IndividualPatient/Client Charging
  • included in IndividualVideo Recording (+5¢/min)
  • included in IndividualHigh Definition Video
  • included in IndividualMobile App
  • included in IndividualWeb Platform



  • not included in ProfessionalSystem Integrations
  • not included in ProfessionalMulti-Party Visits
  • not included in ProfessionalInstant, App-less Visits
  • included in ProfessionalCustom Marketing
  • included in ProfessionalPatient/Client Charging
  • included in ProfessionalVideo Recording (+5¢/min)
  • included in ProfessionalHigh Definition Video
  • included in ProfessionalMobile App
  • included in ProfessionalWeb Platform

$59 per user


  • not included in PracticeSystem Integrations
  • included in PracticeMulti-Party Visits
  • included in PracticeInstant, App-less Visits
  • included in PracticeCustom Marketing
  • included in PracticePatient/Client Charging
  • included in PracticeVideo Recording (+5¢/min)
  • included in PracticeHigh Definition Video
  • included in PracticeMobile App
  • included in PracticeWeb Platform

$79 per user


  • included in IntegratedSystem Integrations
  • included in IntegratedMulti-Party Visits
  • included in IntegratedInstant, App-less Visits
  • included in IntegratedCustom Marketing
  • included in IntegratedPatient/Client Charging
  • included in IntegratedVideo Recording (+5¢/min)
  • included in IntegratedHigh Definition Video
  • included in IntegratedMobile App
  • included in IntegratedWeb Platform

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