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The healthcare system is struggling with many challenges, resulting in many difficulties for overburdened providers and frustrated patients alike - that is, until now.

Innovative solutions in telehealth are changing the way providers connect with patients, creating new opportunities to deliver superior-quality care with a flexible and customized approach. Telemedicine relieves some of the stress experienced by providers while simultaneously putting healthcare within easier reach for many individuals.

Now, medical doctors are being paid to provide convenient, accessible care to patients in a virtual healthcare setting that is not limited by geography or time. As a provider, you can be available when and where you want, and patients can have the peace of mind of knowing a medical professional is there when they need one.

Areas of Practice Served by Our Telehealth Platform

UVO Health has developed a one-of-a-kind solution that can support a broad range of providers across many different fields. With the ability to customize the platform and white-label all components for your brand, you can easily adapt the UVO Health telehealth system to suit your unique needs.

Primary Care

Primary care practices can be complex, especially regarding ongoing patient monitoring and follow-ups. There are many scenarios in which an in-office follow-up is inconvenient and unnecessary, but a follow-up phone call isn't reimbursable. Telemedicine can be the ideal solution when a physical examination isn't needed.

Telehealth services provided by our PCPs include:

  • Ongoing care for chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension

  • Monitoring for symptom progression

  • Modifying treatment plans

  • Offering counseling services, such as those for weight loss, smoking cessation, and mental health

  • Reviewing the results of lab tests and screenings

  • Managing medications


Many of the services related to obstetrics and gynecology necessitate in-person physical examinations, but there are some aspects of care that can benefit from the option of telemedicine. The convenience of telehealth can support better patient engagement and provide the critical flexibility that many OB/GYN patients need.

Telehealth services provided by OB/GYN providers can include:

  • Managing medications, including those for birth control, blood pressure, or anxiety/depression

  • Providing post-operative care that prioritizes patient comfort and health

  • Discussing lab results

  • Observing patient progress and results of treatment plans


Many neurological patients experience serious obstacles in their pursuit of quality care, largely due to the challenges of traveling to an in-office visit. Telemedicine for neurology makes it possible to increase patients' treatment adherence while also carefully considering their needs.

Telehealth services for neurology can include:

  • Administering lifestyle counseling to slow disease progression and maintain a doctor-patient relationship

  • Managing medications, including assessing any side effects and/or drug interactions

  • Reviewing lab and imaging results

Other Specialties

Telemedicine for specialty care providers has become a significant advantage in the journey towards preventative care and an effective way to serve patients' needs without increasing the demand on emergency and urgent care facilities. 

Some of the telehealth specialists that use UVO Health's telemedicine platform include those in the fields of:

  • Nephrology

  • Gastroenterology

  • Endocrinology

  • Cardiology

  • Dermatology

  • Pulmonology

  • Urology

  • Hematology/oncology

  • Infectious disease

How Our Convenient, Versatile Telehealth Platform Benefits Providers

It is abundantly clear that expanding access to quality care offers many advantages for patients - but how does telemedicine benefit healthcare providers?

For medical doctors that partner with UVO Health, telemedicine technology can be the key to successfully growing and optimizing their practice. Free from the limitations of a traditional, in-office setting, many providers discover a new level of time efficiency, job satisfaction, and even financial success.

Each provider's goals and needs are unique, but our telehealth platform has been designed to maximize the potential benefits for all medical doctors, including:

Improved Efficiency

Whether you're planning to incorporate telemedicine into your existing workflow, or you're making the switch to a telehealth-only service model, you can look forward to maximizing the number of patients you see each day - without any need to expand your office space or extend your hours. No-shows decrease dramatically, eliminating hours of wasted time and expense. Since far less time is needed to process each patient, both the provider and support staff can better focus on other duties.

Higher Patient Satisfaction Levels

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns for new telehealth practitioners is the quality of the patient experience and the overall level of patient satisfaction. However, research has proven that patients are highly satisfied with their experiences with well-designed, intuitive telehealth platforms. Your patients will appreciate the convenience of remote visits and are likely to be extremely grateful for the ability to balance both their busy schedules and healthcare needs. 

More Flexibility

What would you do if you could continue to reach your professional goals while enjoying a marked increase in your day-to-day flexibility? Many telehealth providers report an improved ability to achieve work-life balance, primarily because of the flexibility of telemedicine. Depending on your goals, you may be able to utilize our telehealth platform to continue practicing on your own terms - wherever and whenever you'd like.

Increased Annual Revenue

When you can maximize the number of patients you see each day, your revenue will inevitably receive a welcome boost. Whereas an in-person-only practice might have regular gaps in the schedule, as well as frequent no-shows and cancellations, telehealth serves as an ideal solution. Additionally, in most U.S. states, medical providers are reimbursed at the same rate for a telehealth visit as they would be for an in-office visit.

Find Out How Our HIPAA-Compliant Telehealth Platform Can Serve You

UVO Health is a nationwide telehealth platform for medical doctors, developed with both providers and patients in mind. Our safe, secure system is fully compliant with HIPAA and other government regulations, providing a confidential setting while maintaining outstanding ease of use. No downloads or plugins are required, and our built-in features deliver a seamless provider experience in every way possible.

If you're interested in learning how our telemedicine app for medical doctors can suit your specific practice or specialty, the UVO Health team is happy to help. Contact us for additional details today!

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