How Telemedicine is Transforming Healthcare in 2022

Doctor on video conference progress via laptop computer and stethoscope on clipboard

There's no question that technological advancements have helped advance healthcare in many ways, but perhaps none more so than the advent of the telehealth healthcare platform.

Telemedicine benefits patients and providers alike, contributing to improved patient outcomes and offering much-needed support to our overburdened healthcare system. Even though the concept of telemedicine is still relatively new, innovators in the field have already introduced numerous developments designed to serve vital needs.

The rapid expansion of telemedicine has largely stemmed from necessity, as the COVID-19 pandemic created a massive demand for quality care accessible outside the traditional hospital or clinic setting. Although telemedicine apps have served as a necessary solution to current problems, it's become increasingly clear that it is absolutely a healthcare innovation that is here to stay.

What is Telemedicine?

Essentially, telemedicine is a way to connect healthcare providers and patients via telecommunication platforms, allowing for the delivery of services in real-time without requiring an in-person office visit. Various platforms have implemented video conferencing, audio communication, and text messaging as the means for interaction, with remote consultations (or "telehealth visits") available at any time, from virtually any location.

For professionals in the field of healthcare, telemedicine app options make it possible to facilitate clinical care, professional consultation and supervision, patient education, and other key services - all via a remote connection.

Ongoing research has found that patients are generally delighted with their telehealth experiences, and healthcare providers are also reaping the benefits.

How is Telemedicine Transforming Healthcare in 2022 and Beyond?

Telemedicine has many benefits, specifically when telehealth services are implemented using a high-quality application and platform. With the right platform, both providers and patients can enjoy the advantages of a secure, effective, and easy-to-use method of care.

Telehealth platforms like UVO Health are presenting an innovative new approach to healthcare, with benefits that include:

Convenient, HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Services

Understandably, some providers have concerns about how telemedicine and patient privacy can coexist successfully. HIPAA compliance and adherence to all applicable regulations is a top priority for providers, both for the sake of their patients and their practices.

However, state-of-the-art security protocols have been expertly engineered to safeguard all patient information, maintaining confidentiality to the highest degree of excellence. So, providers and patients can have the peace of mind of knowing that they are just as protected on a telehealth platform as they would be in a physical office.

UVO Health has developed a platform that prioritizes data integrity and privacy above all, operating in full compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, and HITECH regulations without sacrificing a fuss-free, user-friendly operation. We've even gone one step further to provide access to HIPAA-compliant telehealth session recordings for the patient and provider convenience - and we're the only telemedicine platform to achieve this thus far.

Instant, On-Demand Connections Without Any Plugins or Downloads

One of the core goals of telehealth services is to remove as many barriers as possible, ensuring improved access to quality care. However, when patients and providers are required to download and install various applications, plugins, and other programs, it only complicates the experience, defeating the purpose.

Instead, platforms such as UVO Health have opted for instant-connect services, which are compatible with all web and mobile browsers. Providers send an SMS (text message) link to a patient, granting one-click access to an in-browser video chat.

The process is easy and hassle-free, which has become a major draw for many patients. And without the need to download a full application, platforms like UVO Health ensure that all patients - regardless of available technology, skill level, and other factors - can receive the care they need.

Scheduling that Meets the Needs of Patients and Providers Alike

One of the most common struggles faced by providers is the frequency of canceled or no-show appointments, which can negatively impact overall availability and finances. However, telehealth is proving to be an incredibly effective solution to this problem.

Studies show that the no-show rate for telehealth visits is only about 7.5%, compared to the dramatically higher no-show rate of nearly 30% for in-office visits (Telemedicine and e-Health 2021). The flexible scheduling of telemedicine and the ease of access have significantly increased the likelihood of patients fulfilling their commitments to an appointment. Additionally, features such as email and SMS appointment reminders allow providers to effortlessly maintain communication with patients, reducing the occurrence of forgotten appointments. These factors make it possible for providers to see more patients on a given day, maximizing both efficiency and potential earnings and growth.

The benefits of telemedicine scheduling extend to patients as well. For example, patients with busy schedules have more opportunities to fit in important appointments on a telehealth platform vs. a more time-consuming, in-office environment. Additionally, individuals that may have previously avoided care (whether for personal reasons, scheduling obstacles, or other factors) can now have their needs met more easily.

Improved Patient Outcomes

For most providers, it makes perfect sense that increasing the accessibility of quality care will directly result in improved health outcomes. Early intervention, continuity of care, better patient monitoring, and increased patient engagement are among the benefits of telehealth services.

In other words, telemedicine has empowered patients to seek timely care and better-equipped physicians to provide it.

Learn How to Use Telemedicine for Your Practice

Are you a provider interested in expanding your practice with the addition of telehealth services? UVO Health has designed a telemedicine platform tailored for both providers and patients, so you can leverage the convenience of a digital medium while still delivering an exemplary standard of care. Our telehealth platform can be white-labeled for your brand, include an array of built-in features (like payment processing), and is incredibly easy to use. As a leader in telemedicine, UVO Health is committed to providing a superior platform that supports the future of healthcare.

Get more information about our telehealth platform and its cutting-edge features when you contact UVO Health today!

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