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As a medical practitioner, giving care toyour patient does not end as soon as they are outside the hospital premises.Follow-up is essential to make sure that the patient recovers as expected. Sometimes, you may need to offer yourprofessional services to a patient who is far away from you. For instance, someunderlying medical conditions may not allow a patient to travel long distances.As a result, you will have to give your services virtually. But how?Well, telemedicine is a technology thatallows you as a healthcare giver to interact with your patients remotely.Telemedicine software provides features that are suitable for provider-patientcommunication. Oneincredible platform is Uvo Health. It is a free telemedicine software that hasamazing features that can give you the best experience ever. The good news isthat it is a no-download software and you won't have to undergo the hassle ofinstallation.

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The free version comes with lots of awesomefeatures. However, the premium version is everything you need. Therefore, signup and enjoy the following features.

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The features in Uvo Health are designedwith the final user in mind. It is HIPAA compliant and this shows how safe itis for you and your patient's medical information. Sign up with Uvo Health nowand enjoy the benefits.

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